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Contact - 09911887155 | 09990141814 Registration Consultant firm provides services that help you to register your business or organisation more efficiently. We are Delhi based consultant providing our services across all the states of India. You can get various services such as NGO/Society registration, , ISO registration, Firm Registration, and many other registration solutions for your business from registration intelligence experts. We will provide you a complete solution for your all registration requirments. We will handle all the legal procedure of registration and our client do not need to face the hassles of departments. We are providing registration services across India.

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Feel free to contact the Registration Consultant Team for all registration solutions. Our expert team will help you to advice the best way of registration for your organization or business.

  • NGO | Society Registration : Register a Society either at National level or State level in India under Society Registration Act 1860 which is applicable across India for Non – Profitable Organizations. Society Registration Certificate is issued by Registrar of Societies along with registered copy of Memorandum of Association (MOA) / Bylaws of Society. Registration of Society can be done for different purposes or Aims and Objectives like – Religious Society, Educational Society, Housing Society, Resident Welfare Society, Institute / School registration, Public Charitable Society, Women Welfare Society, Child Welfare Society, Orphanage Society, Old Age Home society, to save Nature, Environment and Art and Culture.
  • : We are successfully helping our clients to register all purpose Trust under Indian Act - 1882 (Charitable Trust, Educational / Education , Religious Trust, Church Registration under Trust Act, Temple , National Level , NGO/, Number, Computer Institute Registration, School Registration, Creech Registration, Public Charitable , Family , Private/Personal , Form, Deed of , Funds, Trust Deed Registration) from last more than 7 years.
  • Partnership Registration : Partnership in which some or all partners have equally share in the company or firm. In Partnership one partner is not responsible or liable for another partner's misconduct. It also contains different tax payment and liabilities at different level. Partnership Firm/Company registration is very important for any company it also provides and additional point for company and helps in market to keep its value. To register a partnership firm under the Indian Partnership Firm Registration Act - 1932. We require to fill a form A and the partnership deed. We paid a partnership registration fees in the registrar office.
  • Sole Proprietorship Firm Registration : A sole proprietorship is a registration of a business under the sole proprietorship firm registration Act - 1908 that is owned by an individual. The proprietor is said to be self-employed. This is the simplest form of register a business organization. The proprietor secures the capital, establishes and operates the business, assumes all the risks, accepts all the profits and losses, and pays all the taxes. Any legal responsibilities arising out of the business activities are the proprietor’s. All assets, business or personal, can be legally used to discharge the liability. 
  • ISO Registration : ISO 9001 contains all of the requirements which an organisation must address within their Quality Management System (QMS) if they wish to be certified against the Standard. The majority of these requirements would be identified by many organisations as 'common sense' topics which they would want to address in order to run their business well e.g. sales, design, purchasing, training, calibration of test equipment, control of records.

    ISO 9001 is written by a committee (TC 176) and is designed for use in any type of organisation. This inevitably means that there are compromises in the wording of the Standard and some interpretation is often needed.

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The Team of Registration Cosultant providing their free consultancy service to thier repudiate client's for last decades. We provide the fully solution to our client's according to thier needs.

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